Our customer satisfaction survey that we carry out regularly, every two years, has just ended. We thank all who have dedicated a few minutes of their time to filling in the 2016 questionnaire, which this year included a few more questions on more specific issues, to better understand how customers see CDS group.

Compared with the 2014 data the level of  satisfaction this year has made an important  leap forward, going from  80 % to 85.5 %. A result that rewards the commitment of all of us with the appreciation shown by our customers


We thank those who added a comment and who has proposed constructive criticism, which we will certainly keep into consideration, and that will give us the opportunity to further improve the way we face the market. The most  rewarded aspects were those of the availability, taking charge of the problems reported and the technical assistance.

From the 2016 survey data, we see that, by many of you, is emphasized the request to go on  offering a service based on quality from all points of view, involving all the aspects of the company, both production and service. We will keep it in consideration.

Another thanks to all who answered and see you in 2018.


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