New closure SUPER II° for carbonated, finish 26/22 1thread

After about two years from the engineering and first production of the still water closure CDS 26.2 for finish 26/22 3 starts, Group CDS co-operated by SACMI Spa, with the target to complete its set of closures in ultra-light version, is pleased to introduce on the Market the new carbonated closure, named SUPER II°


SUPER II°, even being a one-thread closure (grams 1.50 for finish CETIE 30-38), was designed to be interchangeably used on those lines where the still version 26.2 – 3 starts was already running.

This closure has been validated for a CO2 carbonated level of 3.5 vol/lt, quietly compatible for carbonated mineral waters and low-medium carbonated soft drinks.

This closure was designed with a folded guarantee band since this solution allows an easier passage on the PET neck finish and a reliable grip on the safety ring of bottle mouth.

Same deep attention was dedicated to the shape and length of thread, suitable to get a close screwing, thread by thread between closure and bottle mouth, in order to avoid risks of any blow-off effect.

On the second half of year 2014 SUPER II° will be in regular production on a SACMI compression line, an extremely advanced line as performances and on-board control technologies.

As known, the compression technology can face the versatility of injection system, with many plus such as productive and dimensional constancy, lower thermical stress on PEHD material, easier production and maintenance procedures and finally an important energy saving.

We are aware of the great expectation of bottling Market to the arrival of this new closure for carbonated beverages that, along with the already available still version 26.2, reach the target of completing the range of the last generation  ultra-light closures.

It will be a pleasure for our Area Mgrs to get in contact with you for a more complete presentation and for an your direct vision of closures SUPER II°


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